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Wooden statue of Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi

Made by artists of Bolzano, presented to the public and blessed May 26, 2013

Medallion in bronze

It indicates the point where Father Pino Puglisi was killed for criminal hands


Some photos in the living room of the house-museum, where Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi lived

Vestments inside closet of Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi

The house-museum keeps the closet in the bedroom of Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi with his vestments

Inauguration of the house-mueum

Dear friends, May 25, 2014, on the first anniversary of Father Giuseppe Puglisi’s beatification, we have inaugurated and blessed the house where he lived from 1969 to 1993 (except when he lived at 338 Dante street and was priest in Godrano, 1970-1978), at Anita Garibaldi square in Palermo, where he was killed by mafia. For the Center Our Father, socially active more than 20 years keeping alive the memory of its founder, purchase and renovation of his house was an important aim, to transform Anita Garibaldi square from parking car into symbolic place of the universal values embodied by Blessed.
Today the apartment is a museum-house, a term that does not refer to the static nature of a place to contemplate and to preserve intact, but to a space to live fully, to meet up, to grow in faith. We intended, in this way, recover the sense of the House as a special place where the family lives, relate to and welcomes the loved ones.

Inside the house you will find books, furniture, objects, garments, liturgical vestments and memories, which belonged to Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi and his parents, who were kept by his family and now returned to their original location. All this allows you to touch 3P’s lifestyle: the simplicity and sobriety of the contents in the House help us to understand the choice to live in poverty, the "functional" relationship he had with the objects and the fondness that, instead, he had for books. About 6000 books was found, which were transferred to the diocesan seminary, but the family had preserved the texts that you find inside the apartment. On May 25 last year the Center Our Father has delivered to the cult of the pilgrims the place of life and death of Blessed Pino Puglisi, a place of martyrdom tied to your personal relationship with Jesus, seen as the most valuable in your own life. To visit this place, full of meaning, you can contact the Center Our Father, by phone or by email.

In the house-museum in the square believers, priests and their communities can pray and who recognize in himself the value of human dignity can visit a place that is alive and vital symbol.
We are waiting for you!

Maurizio Artale


Pino Puglisi was a priest . His death, his martyrdoom is etymologically witness of his being a real Christian. So we can understand his house as a museum through his being a priest. We may associate any room to the characteristic properties of his priestly vocation.

Following the path, inside the house, we can meet three motives:

  • To meet up with others - His dining room: the mission of the blessed Puglisi, was in any various aspects, to be near to young people, to anyone who was in need.
  • to study - his library home-office: the education of the Blessed Puglisi was the instrument of his mission.
  • to pray - his bedroom: the faith of the blessed Puglisi cherished by the continuous search of the dialogue with God.

Each one of these motives tell us a side of His life at home but also in public . A special device was made to explain people His history in the museum.

Living room

Consulting room


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